Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

This dynamic practice links movement and breath together in a dance-like way. In most classes, one won’t hold long in each pose and the pace used to be quick.

One’s  heart rate could rise.

Vinyasa (pronounced “vin-yah-sah”) is a Sanskrit word for a phrase that translates as “to place in a special way,” referring—in hatha yoga—to a sequence of poses. Vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive practices.

Vinyasa teachers usually choreograph their classes to smooth transition from pose to pose, and often play music to keep things lively.

The intensity of the practice is similar to Ashtanga, but no two vinyasa classes are the same. If you hate routine and love to test your physical limits, vinyasa may be RIGHT PICK.

Best for:

  • Intense exercisers might enjoy Vinyasa because of its faster pace.
  • For Sportman, Runners and Athletes, this class is conducive because of the continuous movements.