Classes Description

  • Private Session
    This deeply therapeutic and restful yoga experience will leave you feeling stress-free, clear and rejuvenated.

You are sure to feel very well cared for as you melt in to the comfort and ease of deeply supported Restorative Yoga poses and receive the warmth of its effects.

We wait your presence and time to share and deepen into whatever may be going on or needs healing.

  • Yoga Attunment
  • Weight Loss Yoga Bootcamp

  • Yoga For Senior Citizen

Considered to be the individual, one-on-one sessions at Sooriya Wellness and based on a traditional approach which goes back to the ancient times, when Guru and the Student one-on-one practiced together.

It can be a therapeutic Yoga class which is the best way to alleviate diabetes,
thyroid, stress and 
heal from injury or support a healthy pregnancy
Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia can be healed

You will raise the positive attitude on your daily life.

Designed for a special need- this 60 min session will counsel on your yoga journey:-)

  • Lunch Time Yoga
  • Yoga and Hike

    Yoga helps regular hikers become more limber, mindful, and aligned when they hike. And hiking offers greater lung capacity and overall-fitness to yogis who tend to do a less mat practice.

    Doing yoga on unfamiliar turf (literally) brings other benefits. The unfamiliarity makes the experience rich.

    Learning to stay focused enough to practice yoga outside the studio amid distractions like noise and weather, is good training for staying attentive and flexible off the mat.

  • Corporate Yoga

  • Teachers Immersion

  • Teacher Training Course (TTC)