One can measure how much one wants to open or close the upper palate,
to allow the breath to go in smoothly through the windpipe to fill lungs,
the windpipe bifurcates into two branches, that further branch of ,
the tissues open out tremendously in PRANAYAMIC BREATHING.

Meaningful is our breath !!
2 Days workshop on practices of breath from Yogic text – Hathayoga Pradipika.

Day 1 – Introduction of left/Right nostril,we could use them with precision.
Normal breath and potential. Surya Pranayam, in role in strength building.

Day 2 – Anulom-Vilom, How this practice could recollect sense of balance.
Bhramari, how good Bhramari is to decide our sleep.

Date : 22nd July – 23rd July
Time :6:30 pm – 7:45 pm.
Investment : Rs.2500
Early bird discount and members discount : 10%

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