Yinsights – Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga :

It works the deeper levels of the body/heart/mind: the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system. One big difference noticed by students of Yin Yoga is the long-held, passive nature of the posture, which gives time for a deeper journey to unfold, a journey into the meditative aspects of yoga, a bridge to living life mindfully.

Explore its ORIGIN, DEEPER MEANING & its boundaries in 90 mins of philosophy and practice with Raw Mess Raudra who studied Sanskrit for 7 years that included Sanskrit mythology, Buddhism and yoga in Kathmandu. For several years he practiced with authentic gurus in Nepal and in India.

He has traveled across Europe and further says: it was indeed a great opportunity and experience. The purpose was not only to fulfill the curiosity, but teaching yoga for people as well. Also he is an eminent art therapist, where he is improving the patients through a fusion of painting and music.

Join him in the philosophical & practical workshop of YIN YOGA – The foundation of a quiet practice.

Date: 21st June
Time: 8 am to 9:30 am
Price: Rs. 800