Awakening – A prudent practice of meditation ( May 27 – May 29)

Meditation is a journey.

Journey long.

What’s in store with this journey ?

What are we supposed to do ?

Are we truly aware, why we are doing meditation ?

Meditation is most active process

To Tap

Potential, if one is wishing to do so.

It gives us a choice to choose MEANINGFUL.

With meditation body stores energy for future use, this is used when because of ignorant discipline, we lack something.

There meditation gives us a process of fast recovery.

It is mere observation. First.


is journey.

Come to attend 3 days program on meditation with Vishal Mishra

Date:  May 27 – May 29
Time: 6:00 am – 7:15 am

Dial 01 4001714/19 , 9818481972 to book your space.