Breathing a second level of awareness (Dates : Mar 14 – Mar 17)

In four days program, we will understand how pranayam should be performed. Ahead of our willingness lies our actual abilities. Pranayam masters say such.

Let’s find out.
We will cover…..

a. What are these two nostrils?
b. Role of nostrils pressure.
c. Importance of abdominal contraction in breathing practices.
d. Significance of throat in breathing process. How it gives expanded consciousness..?
e. What are different techniques of Pranayam?
f. We will also learn role of breath in our thinking. Do momentary pause in breath can change us in a moment?

We will find truth of Pranayam with this workshop for you.

Date: 14th March– 17th March
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Investment : Rs.3500
Earlybird discount : 10%
Members discount : 15%

Lead by : Vishal Mishra